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Fantastic YA Reads with Books of Wonder

This Sunday, April 23 join us for an Epic Fantasy YA chat! It will be at 4pm EST (1pm PST) the graphic hasn’t been updated with the new time. Featuring: Justine P Winans, Mackenzie Lee, Brittany N Williams, and me! Reserve Your Spot

Spring Fling Author Takeover

Come check out the Entangled Insider’s Party Room on Facebook, all day April 26th. There will be fun, games and prize giveaways.I will be online between 5-7pm EST (2-5 pm PST). Entangled Insiders

Beyond The Trope Podcast Interview

It’s my first ever Podcast interview! Awkward, yes. Fun? Also yes! Did I think of much better answers afterwards? Of course.

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Review of The Moonlight Blade

Quill & Quire posted a lovely review of The Moonlight Blade!

“In a narrative filled with elaborate, brightly hued descriptions and sweeping views of landscapes, The Moonlight Blade by Tessa Barbosa takes readers on a profound journey through the mythical land of Tigang.” Read the full review here